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Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Chairwoman Prof. Egle Ganda Bogdaniene


            Lithuanian Artists’ Association (LAA) was founded on 20th of September, 1935. In August 1940 it was reorganised into Lithuanian SSR Artists’ Association subordinate to the USSR Artists’ Association. In 1989 Lithuanian artists separated from the USSR Artists’ Association and an independent, public, non-profit creative organisation (presently, Association) was established. It pursues the goals of its predecessor, established in 1935.

            LAA unites 1453 members. It encourages and popularizes their creative production. The association undertakes copyright protection, and supports legal, social and moral interests of its members. LAA initiates various artistic projects independently, as well as in cooperation with other artistic organizations and public institutions. LAA members belong to the Sections of Figurative, Applied Arts, Fine Arts, and establish production companies and funds in the manner prescribed by laws.

            In  2001 Lithuanian Artists’ Association established three equivalent annual awards and golden Insignians of the LLA for creative achievements of the year.

            LAA’s governing bodies are include an annual delegates’ conference, the board, the chairman, the chairman of territorial divisions, the chairman of sections and the Court Honor.

            LAA holds territorial divisions in Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys and Klaipėda. It has established four galleries in Vilnius (DSG, "Arka", "Šv. Jono gallery", "Pamėnkalnio gallery"); and one in Kaunas ("Meno parkas"), Klaipėda ("Klaipėdos galerija") and Panevėžys ("XX") each. Apart from that, LAA has set up production divisions: VĮ LAA’s Center of Sculpture and Stained Glass, UAB Vilniaus dailė ("Vilnius art"), "Dailininkų namai" ("The house of artists") in Palanga, VĮ LAA’s Publishers "Artseria".

            LAA is a member of International Arts Association (IAA) funded by UNESCO, the European Council of Artists (ECA), Lithuanian Art Creators’ Association (LMKA). The LAA Section of Aplied Arts os a member of World Crafts Council (WCC-Europe).


Address: Vokiečių str. 4/2, LT-01130, Vilnius, Lithuania


Tel. +370 5 2622557
Faks.: +370 5 2621986

Extract from the Statute of Lithuanian Artists’ Association

1. General provisions
1.1 Lithuanian Artists’ Association (hereinafter LDS) is the successor of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association’s tradition established in 1935, which continues its creative and public activity, and actively defends and implements its cherished values in the independent Republic of Lithuania.
LDS is a public legal person of limited civil liability. Its legal form is an association and it unites (on a legal basis) professional artists and art researchers, natural persons, who were recognized as artists in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on the Status of Art Creators and Art Creators’ Organizations of the Republic of Lithuania. LDS is an art creators’ organization and it has all the rights and responsibilities of art creators’ organization.
1.2. The period of LDS activity is unlimited.
1.3. The fiscal year of LDS is calendar year.

2. Objectives, areas and types of LDS activity. LDS rights and obligations
2.1. The objectives of LDS are:
2.1.1 to promote and defend free artistic creation, professional skill, dissemination of professional art, its diversity, national identity;
2.1.2. to promote the work of LDS members in Lithuania and the world, increase awareness, accessibility, to take care of the members’ creative legacy, its preservation, and publicity;
2.1.3. to protect the LDS members’ creative, professional, social, copyright and related rights, legitimate interests and represent LDS members in accordance with the procedure established by law;
2.1.4. to coordinate the activities of LDS members in pursuit of common goals;
2.1.5. to mobilize and encourage professional artists and art researchers to engage in the development of Lithuanian culture, its development trends, and in educating the public about professional art;
2.1.6. to organize and participate in organizing exhibitions, projects, festivals, creative competitions, seminars, other professional art events, announce competitions, offer LDS members for state and other art prizes and awards, and carry out creative art programs;
2.1.7. to submit proposals to state and municipal institutions related to the prepared and valid legal acts, to seek active cooperation with competent institutions when solving problems and issues relevant to LDS members, its activities and objectives, publicizing LDS approach to the fields relevant to LDS and its members by promoting public discourse;
2.1.8. to co-operate with Lithuanian and foreign artists and art researchers living abroad, Lithuanian and foreign artists’ organizations, cultural, educational, academic, and commercial organizations, state institutions.
2.2. In order to achieve its goals, LDS engages in the following activities:
2.2.1. exhibitions, fairs, and other event organizing activities;
2.2.2. book publishing;
2.2.3. publishing of art magazines, art publications, periodicals and other;
2.2.4. artistic qualification refresher activities;
2.2.5. rent of a real estate owned by LDS or otherwise;
2.2.6. educational activities;
2.2.7. art auction organization;
2.2.8. expert work in artwork evaluation;
2.2.9. other entertaining artistic activities;
2.2.10. recreational activities;
2.2.11. museum-related, archival activities;
2.2.12. any other activity that LDS is not prohibited to carry out by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. LDS carries out licensed or statutory activities with the necessary permits.
3.3. Natural persons who are professional artists or art researchers, citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, who have higher education qualifications and meet the requirements raised for a member of the association by the Republic of Lithuania Law on Associations as well as the requirements raised for the artistic creator by the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Status of Artistic Creators and Their Organizations.